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Carrot & Apple Salad


This is so simple it’s hard to believe it could taste so good!! I tried this at Trader Joe’s one day, where I was so thrilled they were serving something I would be able to sample. They provided the recipe, so I was able to enjoy the amazing flavors again. (more…)

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Egg Salad Canapés & Romaine Salad


Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! I adore eggs! It will not be the last time I will say this, haha. I just love ’em! This is a simple recipe for egg salad served on heirloom tomato slices. In late summer, Costco had beautiful organic heirlooms and I was inspired to make this simple dish for dinner one evening. (more…)

Red Cabbage & Onion Salad

Thanks to my friend Marian, this simply delicious salad has become a staple in my home. It is a great vegetable side that can accompany any meal. Delicious on the first day and also keeps well in the refrigerator for at least a week. In my family of two, it’s a highly regarded dish that is typically gone within a few days. I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel the same way about this amazing salad.

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