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Hi, my name is Natalia and I’ve started this blog for anyone interested in healthy living, real food, digestive health, fitness, nutrition and exercise. My main passion is total body, inside and out, health! I strive to help myself and others on their journey to overall well-being through a holistic lifestyle approach to disease, illness and injury prevention through overall health maintenance (eg exercise/fitness, mind/body health, real food, etc.). I plan to share recipes, inspirational/motivational content, exercise and fitness tips, nutrition tips and autoimmune digestive disease discussions.

Educational background:
I earned my doctoral degree in physical therapy at Azusa Pacific University and Azusa California in 2007. My undergraduate studies were a concentration in premed, with a double major and exercise physiology/kinesiology and psychology. I graduated with my bachelor of science degree in 2004 from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Professional history:
I’ve been working in outpatient private practice orthopedic and sports physical therapy (PT) since I graduated from PT school in 2007. For those who do not know, this means rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries, surgeries, repetitive use, postural problems, etc. We (PT’s) treat all body parts (back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, pelvis, hip, knee, leg, ankle, etc.) and are trained experts in restoring: health in the musculoskeletal system, posture, movement, strength, stability and function after physical injury.

My future goals include breaking out of the standard model of care, where health insurance is directing much of how we can treat our patients these days, and into direct private client consulting for individualized whole body wellness programming toward one’s personal goals to optimize their health and fitness.

Personal history:
I have struggled in maintaining my own health from a very young age. I have been managing ulcerative colitis (UC) since my late teens (with symptoms dating back much earlier than that) and endometriosis since my early 20s.

Throughout my teenage years, I cultivated a passion for exercise, fitness, seeking health and disease prevention naturally through diet and exercise. Due to the chronic illnesses, I have struggled with maintaining health by exclusively natural means and have also had to rely heavily on Western medicine and prescription drugs for maintaining my health and quality of life.

In the times I’ve suffered through severe illness with subsequent hospitalization, I felt so alone and so desperately wished I had a friend to turn to who had been through the same thing.

My first hospitalization for ulcerative colitis occurred in the winter of 2008. Here I was told I was knocking on death’s door. From that time on, I was seeking a female friend or resource of some kind who had gone through the same severe health problems that I was enduring. I just wanted to know someone who had some parallel experiences to help me know if there was any hope for me and help me get through my severe flare-up. I never found that person or resource, so it drove the desire in me to become that person for others. Thus, my journey through autoimmune disease, serious and life threatening illness has been a major motivation for me to begin my blog. I want to share my knowledge, passions and struggles for health in hopes to help others.

I first envisioned an ulcerative colitis specific blog, but given my medical background and knowledge, I have a broader audience to reach. However, for those of us with UC, I’m here, and I’m happily going to share my experience and what I know about the disease to try to help you! This blog will have a significant component dealing with digestive health, IBD (irritable bowel disease), UC (ulcerative colitis) and auto-immune disease.



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