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Colonoscopy Prep Day


Today I am cleansing for my colonoscopy tomorrow. At this point, I don’t remember how many of these I’ve had, but now with over 15 years of UC (ulcerative colitis) under my belt, I’ve had my share of bowel preps and colonoscopies. Once you’ve had the disease for 10 years, you are scheduled for yearly scopes, and you quickly get over the fear that much of the general public has surrounding this procedure.

It’s pretty standard routine for any of us with digestive diseases, and it is interesting from this side of things to hear people complaining at age 50 when they need it for colon cancer screening. I have sympathy because, of course, I had a first time too, and I remember that. However, I was 20 years old then, and finally having a diagnostic test that could help find an answer after >3 years of symptoms; so, I was actually somewhat excited, despite my fears, back then. I know, it’s a hassle, you need a day (or two off) and a ride. The prep itself, in short, kinda sucks. But, it’s also not that big of a deal.

For those at age 50 and lucky enough to just need a colonoscopy for screening purposes: it’s a small price to pay to screen for your health,and I think that needs to be the central focus. If you’re like many people I talk to that are a combination of ambivalent, grossed out, freaked out and procrastinating making the appointment; know that it helps save lives, so try to just suck it up and schedule sooner than later!

For those who are in the midst of figuring out their digestive ails and may be facing a colonoscopy: you are suffering and are understandably afraid of what lies ahead, I hope what you find here will help you! My motivation for this website as a whole, and this post in regards to colonoscopy preparation, is to share any wisdom or practical tips from my own struggles to find health while dealing with chronic illness.